About Us

We empower our communities through business skills and entrepreneurship.

Our community outreach projects have reached thousands of individuals locally in Charlottesville. Every year we run around seven projects working with local clients in the community to affect sustainable change.

Seeing possibilities. Taking action. Enabling progress.

Amy McMillen,

Amy is a third year Engineering Science major concentrating in Systems Engineering and Technology & the Environment, with a minor in Global Culture and Commerce. She has served as a project member for a charity donation platform called Giv2giv and as a project leader for Tranlin. In her free time, she enjoys making smoothies and watching movies.

Emmy Hodges,
Vice President of Marketing

Emmy is a second year pursuing a M.S. in Commerce, with an interest in a Marketing and Management concentration. She joined Enactus as a project member of the Tranlin team as a first year before taking on her current role as VP of Marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, running, and sleeping for extremely extended periods of time.

Penny Xu,
Vice President of Finance

Penny is a third year in the Commerce School with a concentration in Finance and Management and a Social Entrepreneurship minor. Her passion for service led her to join Enactus’ Food Waste Minimization project which had won the Concept and Discovery stages of the 2015-2016 UVa Entrepreneurship Cup. Some of her interests include skydiving, four-leaf-clover scavenging, and fashion!

Augustus Huang,
Vice President of Corporate Relations

Augustus is a second year from New Jersey planning on majoring in Commerce and Economics. Interested in the myriad operations of enterprises both big and small, he seeks to create sustainable and innovative impact through the world of business. He enjoys all things outdoors, especially running and biking.

Hannah Huang,
Vice President of Project Management

Hannah is a fourth year Commerce major concentrating in Finance and IT. Interested in serving the community, she joined Enactus as a third year and served as a project member for the Tranlin research project. She loves traveling and enjoys reading.

Derek McMahon,
Vice President of Technology

Derek is a fourth year Computer Science major with a minor in Engineering Business. Seeking to take on a community service leadership role, he joined the Enactus executive board during his second year. Some of his interests include playing guitar and videogames.